AminetReadmeMaker.lha (MorphOS) Readme

This little tool allows you to easily write a Aminet Readme file and also upload it to the aminet server!

I often forgot which types were possible and what they were used for and the length limitation of the Short-field etc so I needed a tool to help me reminding;)

Its written with Hollywood v8.0 and compiled as a so called "applet".
I decided to distribute only the applet so it can be executed on all platforms which supports the RapaGUI plugin: Windows, Linux (GTK), AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS!

You need the Hollywood Player to run it!

If anyone wants an executeable to be started without the need for the Hollywood Player here is a list of archives with the executable for the different OSes (they only contain the executable!):
MorphOS PowerPC
AmigaOS 3.x 68020+
AmigaOS 4 PowerPC
AROS x86

If you find bugs or if you have suggestions send me an eMail!

Just copy the Hollywood applet "AminetReadmeMaker_Applet" to any place you like!

MorphOS already comes with a mimetype for Hollywoods Applets, so to run it just doubleclick from a Ambient lister, or type Open AminetReadmeMaker_Applet in a shell!
Other OSes should work similar.

Here is a preview of its window:

AminetReadmeMaker window

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to AminetReadmeMaker(at)igracki(dot)de.

If you like this tool and/or if you want to donate some money to motivate me, feel free to send me any amount you like via PayPal (send "as a friend" so I don't have to pay fees!)!
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