FileInfo.lha (MorphOS only!)
A small shell program to retrieve some usefull information about a file or directory.

Usage: FileInfo File,ALL/S,N=Name/S,FN=FullName/S,RN=RootName/S,FRN=FullRootName/S,RNX=RootNameX/N,FRNX=FullRootNameX/N, X=Suffix/S,PD=ParentDir/S,S=Size/S,SC=SizeC/S,FC=FileCount/S,C=Comment/S,D=Date/S,T=Time/S,P=ProtBits/S, MP=MatchPattern/K,MCS=MatchCaseSens/S,LF=AppendLF/S,Q=Quiet/S,HELP/S

File the name of a file or directory whos information are shown
ALL/S show all available information
N=Name/S show only the filename w/o the path
FN=FullName/S the full name
RN=RootName/S the filename w/o the suffix and w/o the path
FRN=FullRootName/S the filename w/o the suffix but with the path
RNX=RootNameX/N the filename w/o X suffixes and w/o the path
FRNX=FullRootNameX/N the filename w/o X suffixes but with the path
X=Suffix/S the suffix of the filename
PD=ParentDir/S return the name of the parent directory
S=Size/S the size of the file or dir (all files within the dir, recursive!)
SC=SizeC/S a compact size representation of the file or dir (all files within the dir, recursive!), f.e. 383MB
FC=FileCount/S the number of files in a directory, returns 1 for files
C=Comment/S the comment
D=Date/S the date
T=Time/S the time
P=ProtBits/S the protection bits
MP=MatchPattern/Kchecks if the specified pattern matches the filename specified by 'File' arguement. The filename doesn't have to exist. Use NAME to check only the filepart. 'Quiet' is also supported
MCS=MatchCaseSens/Sthe pattern check will be case sensitive
LF=AppendLF/S append a linefeed at the end, its automatically used if QUIET is NOT set!
Q=Quiet/S just show the wanted information, no headers, no linefeeds (see LF=AppendLF/S option)
HELP/S show this little help page

If you only specify a filename, all available informations are shown!
If you specify no argument, this help is shown.
You can also specify more then one argument, they will be printed line by line.

I programmed it to have a "Parent Dir" entry in Ambients contextmenu for a short-cut icon on the desktop.
Here is a example for the MimeType internal/x-morphos-globalaction-file.

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to FileInfo(at)igracki(dot)de.

27.3 KB, v1.5, 24.11.11, only for MorphOS!