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This is a game running in a mui window, where you have to collect as many numbers as possible, without walking over your own path and you have to stay within the playfield. Seems to be easy? Just try it!

One more thing to know is, the number next to you defines how many steps you go in that direction!
You can walk to the left, right, up and down using the cursor keys.

From time to time some "specials" will appear, if you collect them some good or bad things can happen;)

There is support for online highscores to compete against your friends!

Only the highscores for the 5 default playfield sizes will be uploaded!
The local highscores can contain hiscores for any playfield size you played.

You can customize all game sounds, which are in detail:

I preset them with sounds all MorphOS users already have.
The "Greedium.mp3" audio is composed by myself, you should use it as GameMusic!

Furthermore you can change the background color, the color for the numbers, the color for the path and the font used for the playfied!

In the future I will localize it, add some more "specials", a level-mode where you have to fulfill some quests, like collect as much numbers in a predefined time or collect an amount of specials, find an exit etc or maybe multiplayer... it depends on how you like it!

Just copy the MorphOS executable "Greedium" to any place you like, an own directory would be good (but its not neccesary) because the high scores list is saved in the same directory as file ".hiscores".

Here is a preview of its main window:

Greedium title screen

the settings window:
Greedium prefs window

and the HiScores window:
Greedium HiScores window

Here is a Youtube video of Greedium:

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to Greedium(at)igracki(dot)de.

GIF animations created with RNOAnim by jPV^RNO.

If you like this game and/or if you want to donate some money to motivate me, feel free to send me any amount you like via PayPal (send "as a friend" so I don't have to pay fees!)!
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