otrMUI.lha (MorphOS only!) Readme History
otrMUI is a MUI GUI for the otrdecoder program of onlinetvrecoder.com where you can record tv programs for free!

Its now also a MUI GUI for the omrdecoder program of www.onlinemusicrecorder.com, where you can record music from radio stations for free!

New in v1.0 is batch decoding, you can now have a list of otrkey and omrkey files, which will be processed one after the other. Also new is that the progress window is now integrated into the main window, and if the Play-Button is pressed while an omrkey file is selected in the list, a small mp3 player window opens and plays the decoded mp3 file! Just start it!

There is now an Ambient filetype and deficon for an .otrkey file, in the "prefs/" directory, just copy the whole directory to SYS:. The filetype and the deficon are contributed by "schlonz", thanks!

Also the "cutOTR.lzx" archive is from schlonz, there you'll find some programs/scripts to automatically cut out the commercials from your decoded movie with the help of cutlists from www.cutlist.de!

There is now a button to start a movie player with the decoded movie!

Its written with MUI, so thanks goes to Stefan Stuntz for this wunderfull heap of bits;-)

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to otrMUI(at)igrackide.

Here are some screenshots:

main otrMUI window otrMUI's options tab otrMUI in action otrMUI's mp3player

130KB, v1.1, 14.03.08, only for MorphOS!, Downloaded: